WinSCP 是一个 Windows 环境下使用的 SSH 的开源图形化 SFTP 客户端。同时支持 SCP 协议。它的主要功能是在本地与远程计算机间安全地复制文件,并且可以直接编辑文件。


与 Windows 完美集成(拖拽, URL, 快捷方式)
支持基于 SSH-1、SSH-2 的 SFTP 和 SCP 协议
支持 SSH 密码、键盘交互、公钥和 Kerberos(GSS) 验证
通过与 Pageant(PuTTY Agent)集成支持各种类型公钥验证
提供 Windows Explorer 与 Norton Commander 界面


v5.13.4 (2018-08-31):
– Passing private key to PuTTY when installed from Microsoft Store. 1654 Passing also other options that PuTTY can accept on its command-line, like “Attempt authentication using Pageant”, “Allow agent forwarding”, “Enable compression”, “SSH protocol version”, “Logical name of remote host” and “Internal protocol version”.
– WinSCP installed from Microsoft Store can be executed from command-line. 1662
– Translation updated: Icelandic.
– With logging level 1 and higher, printing scripting exit debug information on an output too.
– Hidden configuration option to disable running shell operations on a separate thread. 1666
– TLS/SSL core upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.2p.
– Bug fix: When system theme changes, path labels lose their background color.
– Bug fix: File mask is not considered when calculating total file transfer size when deleting original files. 1656
– Bug fix: When canceling connection, mouse cursor sometimes stay “busy”. 1657
– Bug fix: Relative long paths are not handled correctly. 1659
– Bug fix: Error when closing edited/opened files with “Keep temporary copies of remote files in deterministic paths” option enabled. 1660
– Bug fix: It is not possible to open S3 folder from command-line/URL or in scripting when path ends with slash. 1661
– Bug fix: File panel columns do not have a width constraints. 1663
– Bug fix: Update information window layout is broken in some situations. 1664
– Bug fix: Timezone autodetection failed if timestamp of file cannot be retrieved. 1672
– Bug fix: Wrong error message when attempting to rename an S3 folder. 1674