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文本编辑clover一直是很头痛的事情,Clover Configurator可以图形化的帮你配置文件编辑config.plist,而且把四叶草的几项功能都分了区快,你可以很快的找到想要配置的属性,比如显卡啊声卡应该怎么配置他都可以清晰的找到。


  • Updated EDID injection (Clover Rev 4053+)
  • Added Text Mode in TOOLS
  • Added Add-ons to Main menu application (CloverThemeManager shortcut. Only if Theme Manager is present)
  • Added IONVMeFamily patches (El Capitan, Sierra) in Kernel and Kext Patches->KextsToPatch
  • Added some ig-platform-id in Graphics section
  • Changed scan method for config files
  • Fixed base64 to hex converter in Mountain Lion
  • Fixed mountefi partitions in Mountain Lion
  • Improvements and bug fixes



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  1. 看看这个版本能不能用

  2. 看看这个版本能不能用看看这个版本能不能用

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