StartIsBack 是一款 Windows 8/10 开始菜单辅助工具,可以让 Windows 8/10 能够使用跟 Windows 7 中一样的经典开始菜单。此款软件小巧且不需要繁琐的设置,在同类软件中应该是最好的,推荐大家使用。


++ 2.7.2:
– Fix `Display start screen shortcut` not working on 1809

++ 2.5.2:
– Improved compatibility with 7+ Taskbar Tweaker
– Minor improvements and bugfixes

+ 2.5:
– 支持Windows 10 秋季创意者更新
– Windows 7/8/10样式现在全部可以自定义
– 增加更加方便的StartIsBack任务栏跳转列表

++ 2.0.9:
* Fixed Youdao Dictionary crashing StartIsBack on some systems

++ 2.0.8:
* Regression fix – start menu does not work without glyphs

* Improved start menu responsiveness
* Fixed RTL issues

++ 2.0.6:
* Fixed incorrect taskbar icons.

++ 2.0.5:
* Taskbar icons margins can be optionally increased now
* ‘Pin to Start menu’ context menu item is removed if SIB start menu is not used
* Addressed reported minor regressions in user experience
* Lots of minor fixes

* NEW: Full taskbar skinning! Windows 7 and Windows 8 taskbar styles included
* NEW: Improved configuration UI for finer personalization
* NEW: Ability to change style of taskbar and start menu context menus
* NEW: PC Settings can be expaned into menu
* Improved PC Settings search
* Improved dynamic high DPI support for start menu, orb and configurator
* Added support for opening files via drag&drop on metro app icons in start menu
* Lot of minor improvements and various bugfixes

* Support for newer Insider builds

* Fixed: Sleep from Start menu broke Action center button

* Fixed: Sleep from Start menu broke Action center button

– Various fixes and minor improvements

– Support for Windows 10 Anniversary Update
– Improved Plain10 flyout menus

– Support for Windows 10 Anniversary Update
– New feature to disable application preloader on Windows 10 Anniversary Update
– Improved Plain10 visual style (search results are no longer black on white)
– StartIsBack now does not require reinstallation after Windows build upgrade
– Added glyph icons to PC settings
– Added support for non-numeric metro icon badges
– Added ‘Open file location’ for jumplist items
– Various fixes and improvements

– Support for newer Indsider builds

– NEW: Taskbar skinning! StartIsBack provides taskbar skinning with third-party msstyles as well as built-in Windows 7 style
– Improved start menu performance
– Fixed slow windows animations on some systems
– Fixed some items not opening from search results
– Various minor improvements and fixes

– New: partial taskbar skinning! Windows 7 skin enhanced with taskbar skin
– Improved start menu display performance
– Critical fix: StartIsBack causing windows animations chopiness
– Critical fix: Some items are not opening propertly from start menu search results
– Minor changes:
* Adjusted French language metrics
* Fix start button orb going below start menu
* You can create “StartPane_MinHeight” DWORD in registry to tweak minimal start menu height

++ 1.1.7 Beta
– Support for Windows 10 TH2 1511 November update:
* Jump lists fixed
* Immersive menus tweaking for SIB and taskbar:
Create DWORD “ImmersiveMenus” in HKCU\Software\StartIsBack and set it to:
1 to force white context menus for taskbar and SIB
2 to force dark enlarged context menus for taskbar and SIB

– Ability to enter Advanced Startup when shift-clicking Reboot
– Tweak to configure user avatar animation
– Fixed metro app icons not loading
– Fixed Switch user shutdown option

++ 1.1.5:
– NEW: Start menu animation

++ 1.1.2:
– Fixed Plain10 skin issues on some systems
– Fixed start button misbehaving on some systems

++ 1.1.1:
– Fixed Plain10 skin issues on some systems

++ 1.1.0
– NEW: Plain10 skin, Windows 10 style
– Minor improvementsFixed minor issues

++ 1.0.3
– Fixed minor issues

++ 1.0.2
– Windows logo button on tablet always opens system menu
– Fixed minor issues

++ 1.0.1
* Fixed minor issues

++ 1.0
What’s hot about StartIsBack on Windows 10 now?
– Live badges for modern apps on taskbar and Start menu!
– Ability to reduce resource usage by disabling newer Start menu and Cortana processes from prelaunching
– Ability to use adequately sized (32×32) large icons and larger start menu button on taskbar
– Modern icon glyphs on Start menu right hand pane
– Modern blur, drop shadow and immersive context menus for start menu
– Fully dynamic DPI aware start menu and configuration app
– New modern style with round user picture
– Lots of new minor additions and tweaks





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