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Theme Introduction

Guzel Pro Magazine is the newest generation of Guzel Magazine. If you are using Guzel, you will surely like this one too. Basically there was very minor CSS / template work done in the new generation but the Guzel pro version is released today with many powerful features which will be explained below

Guzel Pro has all the features Guzel magazine has plus …

Theme Features

  • This theme is totally free!
  • Guzel Pro now has a professional control panel – no more template editing!
  • Guzel Pro now has all required plugins built in – no more plugin installation / activation!
  • Guzel Pro now has language support built in – add any language, instant conversion of your theme
  • Guzel Pro now has multiple stylesheets support – Change the default look instantly by changing your stylesheet file from Control Panel. Automated, and very flexible.
  • Guzel Pro now lets you select featured categories, and which categories to display home page posts from – no more entering of IDs..the categories are neatly listed in dropdowns in the theme control panel.
  • Guzel Pro now provides 3 fully-widgetized sidebars.
  • Guzel Pro now fixed many CSS issues from old release.

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