Lilu.kext 1.3.8最新版,由vit9696维护,黑苹果驱动必备之一.

可放入/ Library / Extensions中.主流用法都是放入CLOVER/kexts/ohter中.


  • Improved modern CPUID detection
  • Added BaseDeviceInfo API with improved performance
  • Deprecated CPUInfo::getGeneration, WIOKit::getComputerModel(), WIOKit::getComputerInfo()


  • Fixed IMEI device detection on some platforms
  • Added CometLake CPU model support (thx @stormbirds)
  • Added getFatOffset MachO API


  • Made applyLookupPatch support kernel patches by passsing null kext
  • Export hde64 interface
  • Added evector deleter without copying for improved performance
  • Allow C strings as module prefix argument to the logging functions


  • Fixed mishandling user patches process list after processKernel API call
  • Fixed extra I/O in user patcher even when no patches were needed
  • Added support for per-process (LocalOnly) userspace patches


  • Added QEMU/KVM vendor compatibility to device detection logic

v1.3.8 更新内容

  • Compile Xcode 11 OSObject stubs into plugins to allow mixing compilers
  • Unified release archive names
  • Added multirouting support to routeFunction API enabling functions to have multiple proxies
  • Added explicit routing type to routeFunction APIs
  • Made Lilu use long function routes to ease third-part multirouting



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