AMD、Intel、NVidia GPU 驱动所需要的必备驱动补丁之一,由vit9696维护.需要和Lilu.kext 一起使用,可放入/ Library / Extensions中.主流用法都是放入CLOVER/kexts/ohter中.


  • Added igfxfw=2 boot argument and igfxfw IGPU property to load Apple GuC firmware
  • Added igfxpavp=1 boot argument (and igfxpavp property) to force enable PAVP output
  • Added igfxfcms=1 boot argument (and complete-modeset property) on Skylake and Apple
  • Improved performance with Lilu 1.4.3 APIs
  • Added -igfxfbdbg boot argument to debug IGPU framebuffer (debug builds only)
  • Added igfxagdc=0 boot argument and disable-agdc IGPU property to disable AGDC
  • Added igfxonln=1 boot argument and force-online IGPU property force online status for all displays
  • Added igfxonlnfbs=MASK boot argument and force-online-framebuffers IGPU property to override display status


  • Improved the maximum link rate fix: Now correct the value read from extended DPCD as well. (by @0xFireWolf)
  • Improved firmware loading handling on 10.15.4 (may fix booting issues on KBL+)
  • Improved support for Comet Lake IGPUs (thx @stormbirds)


  • Enabled CoreLSKD streaming patches by default for AMD hardware DRM on Ivy Bridge
  • Repurposed 64 bit for FP 2.x streaming hardware accelerated streaming patches (can be used as shikigva=80)
  • Fixed accelerator name update logic for X4xxx kexts
  • Fixed Verde IOGVACodec injection to make hardware video decoder work
  • Enable software TV+ decoding on all CPUs without IGPU (shikigva=256)
  • Added HEVC capabilities to AMD6 decoders for all GPUs (disabled by -radnogva or disable-gva-support)
  • Added HW decoder device-id spoofing via -radcodec boot-arg, by @osy86


  • Added Lilu 1.4.0 support, which is now the minimum supported version
  • Dropped legacy boot arguments (-shikigva-shikifps)
  • Fixed handling agdpmod GPU property (in IGPUs and in conjunction with boot-arg)
  • Added -wegtree boot argument to force device renaming
  • Fixed FairPlay DRM playback patches on 10.15
  • Added shikigva and shiki-id aliases in IORegistry
  • Added applbkl aliases to IORegistry (data, 32-bit)
  • Added applbkl-name and applbkl-data IORegistry data keys to provide custom backlight data
  • Fixed applying CoreFP patches on Apple firmware, when they are not needed
  • Added shikigva=16 (repurposed) property to use AMD hardware DRM decoder in select apps
  • Added shikigva=128 (repurposed) property to use hardware decoder for FairPlay 1.0 (can be used as shikigva=144)
  • Do not disable DRM patches when shikigva is used even on Apple hardware for MacPro5,1 support


  • Added support for disabled AppleGraphicsDevicePolicy in AMD drivers on 10.15.1
  • Added basic support for -radcfg and -radgl on AMD Navi GPUs


  • Rework backlight panel info injection to fix Mac issues


  • Added more GPUs for detection
  • Enable IGPU graphics kernel panic workaround on 10.14.4+ on SKL

v1.3.1 更新

  • Fixed an issue that LSPCON driver fails to set the mode after the adapter power is off, i.e. sleep/wake up cycle.
  • Unified release archive names
  • Enforce complete IGPU modeset on Kaby Lake and newer (overridable by igfxfcmsfbs bootarg or
    complete-modeset-framebuffers device property)
  • Disable VRAM testing on AMD GPUs on 10.14.4+ (based on vladie’s patch)



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